Home to some of the world’s most stunning artwork, the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel are a top destination in Rome. The building started out as a palace and the rooms were lavishly decorated by the popes. The collections of artwork grew over time, as did the palace itself, until it became what is now called Vatican City. 

    A Vatican City Tour is simply essential when visiting Rome. When you enter the Vatican Museums and start exploring the various collections with your guide, you will be completely immersed in exquisite decor. The ceilings and floors have wonderful attention to detail which often goes unnoticed because of the extent of artwork on display which you will have the pleasure of admiring during your Vatican Tour. 

    Your Vatican Tour guide will give you the history of the beautiful art held within the Vatican Museums as well as the interpersonal relationships between the popes, the artists and influential citizens. There is always much more than meets the eye. 

    With literally thousands of pieces to see during the Vatican Museum Tour, your guide will introduce you to classical sculptures, like the Belvedere Torso that inspired Michelangelo. The breathtaking immensity and beauty of the Raphael Rooms are not to be missed as well as a view overlooking the Vatican Gardens. The awe-inspiring fresco work of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel is made all the more interesting when your guide points out a few of the likenesses in the Last Judgment that caused a stir at the time of its unveiling.

    The Vatican Tours are a bucket list item for a reason, just walking through the galleries and admiring the incredible artistry is worth a trip to Rome. Whether you are interested in a Vatican City Tour or a Vatican Gardens tour, you are sure to find the ideal Vatican Museums Tour that suits your needs.